Simple syslog server for monitoring network devices

Simple syslog server for monitoring network devices exhibit: You fill in the fields shown above.

Some Troubleshooting Post Errors (Beginners)

Some lab troubleshooting posts have CCNA errors File download link Import EVE-NG

Configuring IPSEC between PaloAlto and Cisco routers is easy to remember

IPSEC VPN configuration between Palo Alto and Cisco routers Model VPN specifications: Stage 1: Encoding:

Install python on windows for lab automation (replacing ubuntu)

Install python on Windows PC When the computer is weak and we cannot install Ubuntu

Log Extractor – Application that retrieves information from log files

download link: exhibit: how to use: 1-Select the browser to the log file storage folder,

Download the e-book wireshark Cookbook

(Internet source) Download the e-book Wireshark Cookbook, which introduces how to use Wireshark in specific

SDWAN Lesson 7 Providing Internet to Vedge (Direct Internet Access DIA)

Internet access for vEDGE Model: Configure using CLI: policy data-policy _vpn10_go_internet vpn-list vpn10 sequence 1

SDWAN Lesson 6 (Routing by Application)

Lesson 6: Routing by Application

Lesson 1 SDWAN network model, laboratory configuration and image download

When a company has many branches, the branches are connected through MPLS lines, the Internet,

Lesson 2 SDWAN Installation Vmanage – Vbond -Vsmart is the fastest and easiest to understand

Build the model like this: – Image uses 19.2.31 (should not use 19.2.0 or it

Lesson 5 sdwan blocks subnets and does not allow external advertising

Configure vsmart to prevent subnet broadcasts Model: Configuration in vmsart CLI form: Policy.Policy List. List

Lesson 3 sdwan Add vedge to Vmanage

Add edges to VMANAGE (Edition on February 19, 2031) Model: Statement vEDGE1: system. system Host

Lesson 4 Basic Configuration of Interconnected Sites

Basic configuration of interconnected sites In this model: PC9 belongs to site2 and PC10 belongs

Lesson 3 Add vedge to Vmanage

Add edges to VMANAGE (Edition on February 19, 2031) Model: Statement vEDGE1: system. system Host

2023 IT Salary Report (Source ITviec)

2023 IT Job Salary Report load here Source: ITviec

(For interviews) Understand the securities company network

Video 1: Overview of IT network of securities companies Video 2: General IT regulations for

Configuring public services on Palo Alto Firewall

Configuring Public Services on the Palo Alto Firewall Model: Server => NAT public to

Palo Alto subinterface configuration

Configuring the Palo Alto subinterface Model: Switch part: Firewall section: – Create subinterfaces 100 and

Basic configuration for a small office network using Palo Alto

Basic configuration of Palo Alto office network Model: Purpose: Configure PC vlan 100 and 200

Add static routes for IGMP multicast

For example, I have a server model with 2 network cards, and sometimes by default